WE Red Bridge Managing Director, Head of Strategy Nicky Wang talks about what marketing trends will shape China in 2019 for the Drum magazine's February issue. Read more here: https://lnkd.in/fJtaQUT

Firstly, services will become more personalized, backed up by data. With the availability of one-to-one level data available from social platforms like WeChat and payment platforms like AliPay and WeChat Pay, social CRM data will increasingly be used to drive deeper offline engagement.

Secondly, cross-border e-commerce will inform long-term entry into the Chinese retail space. Given the significantly lower level of investment needed to run an e-commerce store on a third-party platform, more brands will trial cross-border e-commerce to test the market and gather consumer intelligence before establishing a long-term retail strategy.

Thirdly, demand for both purpose and function across polarized consumer needs is increasing. On one end we see Generation Z emerging as powerful global consumers. They are becoming very similar to young consumers in other parts of the world and are increasingly demanding that brands deliver a higher purpose over just functionality.

On the other end, the vast majority of the consumer base is aging. This is the audience segment that’s actually growing the fastest in China and they are far more pragmatic towards purchases. We are looking forward to seeing more function-driven innovation for the older consumer base in years to come.

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