While Chinese consumers are pragmatic, meeting their needs with a great product or service is no longer enough. Brands operating in China today are expected to be ethical with their data, take a stance on social issues and play a wider role in China for China.

WE Red Bridge partnered with Kaleido Insight to understand business leaders’ views and understanding for leading with purpose in China.

The research covers:

The new Chinese consumer expectations

The role of purpose in China

Barriers against purpose in China

How brands can lead with purpose in China

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of business professionals agree that the current political and social trends are pushing brands and organizations to define their Purpose.

“Most companies’ leaders have this in the back of their mind, but if you ask them to define it clearly, they would find it difficult.”

Sharon Xie

Professor of School of Management at Fudan University


of respondents strongly agree that they are equipped to help the company exercise the purpose

“It is hard for businesses to understand that their core business can make a better world and conquer current social challenges”

JiaJun li

Chief Win-Win Officer of Bottle Dream


to develop a successful Purpose strategy:

Be relevant

Be the solution

Be flexible

Be focus

“I think in China, ‘Purpose’ is still commoditized. ”  

Emmanuel Dean

CEO & Co-Founder of Boomi