Building Brand Loyalty With Gen Z

Making up 20% of China’s population, “Gen Z” refers to the cohort born between 1995 and 2020 — the first generation of true digital natives who have never known life before the Internet and social media.

Since most Gen Z-ers grew up as the only child in their families, they tend to develop a diverse range of interests and prefer to make connections with others through them.

Having come of age during China’s economic boom, Gen Z doesn’t worry about money. Instead, self-actualization, equality, inclusivity and a sense of belonging are key values for this segment. Enthusiastic and rational, Gen Z-ers don’t follow trends blindly; although they are willing to pay for services that reflect their identity, they also do their homework to be as cost-efficient as possible.



Our team combines in-depth and sector knowledge to deliver measurable results:

Culture and trendspotting

Audience targeting strategy and insights

Brand community-building

Integrated communications strategy

  • Creative campaigns
  • Social content marketing and platform management
  • Influencer marketing
  • Media relations

Customer relationship management (CRM) strategy and operations

Digital and offline experience creation

Case Studies raquo

Local in focus, creative in approach and international in thinking, our work has delivered meaningful social and business impact.

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We brought inclusive beauty to China by positioning a global beauty brand as a champion of nontraditional and diverse expressions of beauty.