Over the last decade, WE Red Bridge has developed robust capabilities across every category and audience segment in China, with a special focus on:

Brand Purpose

Purpose is at the heart of organizations and brands, guiding their business to be financially successful while catalyzing social change.

Building Brand Loyalty With Gen Z Consumers

Enthusiastic and rational, Gen Z-ers don't follow trends blindly; instead, self-actualization, equality, inclusivity and a sense of belonging are key values.

Communications for Health Brands

Our team combines data-driven insights, extensive health sector experience and creative storytelling capabilities to steer clients in the right direction.

Resonating with China's Affluent Consumers

We are no stranger to engaging with China's affluent consumer segment. Empowered by business and consumer insights, we craft end-to-end solutions.

Communications for Technology Brands

As tech optimists, we help consumer and enterprise technology companies turn technical content and ideas into powerful and accessible human stories.