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Evolution and Opportunity In China's Overseas Study Market

What does China's overseas study market look like three years into a global pandemic? Kit Mention, who leads our education practice, shows how student expectations have evolved since 2019 to help foreign institutions optimize recruitment strategies in China.

Brands in Motion 2022—The Bravery Mandate: Make It Real

How can brands make their purpose pledges real? Our 2022 findings and whitepaper The Bravery Mandate: Make It Real reveals key strategies. 


Data Privacy Pulse

Consumers are more sophisticated and informed than ever before in their understanding of how brands collect and use their data. Brands must take a more engaging, proactive approach to communicating about data privacy. 

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Brands in Motion: The Bravery Mandate

How can brands navigate a world of motion, and what can they do to meet increasing consumer expectations? The answer: Fear less, do more. 

China's Two Sessions 2022: An Executive Summary

As one of China's most significant political meetings of the year, "Two Sessions" provides an annual glimpse into the government's priorities on this year's agenda. 


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Is Your Brand Prepared for Its Next Consumer Rights Crisis?

Tony Zhang, our Head of Corporate Practice, shares how brands can strengthen their resilience for consumer rights issues and crisis management.

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B2B Tech in China Must Set the Foundation for Innovation

B2B tech decision-makers expect more than just innovative products from brands, writes Martin Xu, our Director of Technology. Discover three ways that brands can lay the groundwork for innovation to flourish. 

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Purpose in China: The Future Role of Brands

WE Red Bridge believes in using its gift of communications to move people to positive action. Find out what business leaders in China have to say about purpose as a business strategy and how brands can lead with purpose in China.